Copyright Policy - Team Wallpaper

Team Wallpaper is a website supported by an online community of members. All wallpapers published on this website are subject to copyright by their respective authors. We respect and enforce the copyright rights of our members.

All content published on the website is authorized for sharing and personal use as wallpapers for desktop, tablet and mobile. If you wish to use the wallpaper images for any other use, get permission from their respective authors.

If you object to a wallpaper published on our site, please contact us by emailing us at [email protected] the following:

  • URL of Wallpaper;
  • Title of Wallpaper; and
  • Screenshot of Wallpaper. reserves the right to approve or deny any wallpaper submitted by the members. Please note not every submission can be approved. We approve wallpapers at our discretion.

If a user exploits our platform and is continuously flagged for infringing on copyright policy, we reserve the right to ban them and remove all images and work that they have uploaded to our site.

If a user infringes, we reserve the right to email the user of their infringement.

Last Edited: January 12th 2019